Google Marketing Next Event – Better, Broader, New Audiences
June 15, 2017

Google Marketing Next Event – New Realities of Business

The Memorial Day weekend has ended,

and with that the summer months are in full swing. It's time for family vacations, time away from schoolwork, and perhaps some time by the pool. But, before the holiday weekend Google put on its Next Event to showcase some of the biggest achievements and new innovations in digital marketing.

The first speaker was Sridhar Ramaswamy

…the Senior Vice President of ads and Commerce for Google. He laid out the reasons why the future of Marketing will squarely lie with the mobile customer. Iis amazing that 87% of smartphone users turn to search first to solve whatever problem is at hand. Additionally, the use of data and machine learning has not only pushed the quality of search higher, but the expectations of search by users has also increased. They not only expect answers to their questions whenever they ask, but in some instanced even before they are needed. As technology quickens its pace, users want search to become easier, like being able to find what they want with their voice instead of a keypad.

Sridhar also laid out what he called the “New realities of business”

With these changes, he asked a simple question; “So what does this mean for digital marketing?”. So, he had a simple answer: “It means that as our experiences with our devices become easier and better, there will soon be no limit to the moments people seek assistance; across any device that they’re on…As a result, brands will have more opportunities than ever to offer value in people’s daily lives” The three keys that marketers must use to offer such value are:
• Smarter with Data
• One Stop or One Second
• Non-line Assistance
To be smarter with data, brands need to look at where their customer is in the shopping journey. That way targeted and precise offers can be applied. In other words, your offering should be “in the moment”. To be “One Stop” or “One Second” is a trend that is only going to increase. One statistic the points to this trend is that for every second that a user needs to wait for a page to load, the conversion rate can drop by up to 20%. So, if you cannot present your potential audience with what they need in a timely manner, they will look elsewhere. And finally, “Non-Line” refers to the fact that for your consumers, your business is the same no matter if it is the website they are interacting with, or a clerk in the store. So, many users are interacting with ads before actually finishing their transaction in store. In fact, Google has tracked 5 billion transactions that were initiated with an online ad.

The first 20 minutes were a great start to this event.

Check out the next blog entry where we will review the Director of Audience Product, Bhanu Narasimhan’s discussion on the audience.

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