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June 5, 2017
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November 17, 2017

Google Marketing Next Event – Better, Broader, New Audiences

Continuing on with the Google Marketing Next event,

we had a talk by Bhanu Narasimhan that focused on Google's audience and how marketers could best focus on them. This is a perfect continuance from the previous presentation given by Sridhar Ramaswamy, the SVP of Ads & Commerce (You can read the last blog entry here).

Bhanu is the Director of Audience Products at Google

She reiterated the idea that people have much higher expectations for the technology that they use today, and she talked about how some of Google's newest tools can help achieve the goal of being in the perfect place right when a customer needs you. The key to this being relevance to you customer and the usefulness of your product. To be relevant and useful, you must make sure that you know the intent, interests and shared activities that unite your customer base.

Did you know that 91% of smartphone owners bought, or said they plan to buy, something after seeing an ad that they described as relevant?


Google has a few new goodies to help with all of our marketing efforts

The tools that will be more widely available will provide three things; better audiences, brand new audiences and broader audiences. And truth be told, who couldn't use more of all of those?

Better Audiences

Google is incorporating more data from all their separate products to create a more seamless experience that also updates in real time. What does this mean for the average company looking to make an impact with their target demographic? For example, the views that people have on YouTube, can now correlate with the ads that they are served while using search. This is just another degree of certainty that you are connecting with the right people at exactly the right time.

Brand New Audiences

The "Life Events" idea has been gaining momentum in marketing circles for quite some time now. By leveraging the searches and history that users have, companies don't have to guess when groups of people are changing stages in life. Now they can tap into this information to know when people are getting married, moving, or graduating college.

Broader Audiences

Along the lines of how know about the big stages in people's lives are important, we can now know when people are in the market to buy something, not just if they like it. Google's "In Market" audiences gives us a heads up on consumers that are looking at consumer reviews, specs and other information that signals that they are ready to make a purchase of a specific item. Companies who have started to use these tools have seen an average increase of 10% in there conversion rates just by getting their ads in front of more people who are in the middle of a decision related to their brands.

Check out the next blog entry where we will review the Group Product Manager, Bill Kee’s discussion a simple question; "Is my marketing working?".

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