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The pace of change in the business world is getting faster every day, and it is easy to see in the application of marketing techniques. Having the skills and foresight to take advantage of these changes is an important marketing skill. In addition, while making these changes, companies must ensure that they are growing relationships with customers and moving away from a simple transnational approach.
Solomac Marketing will help you to strengthen those ties and move your marketing into the next stage of growth.

How about we create something amazing together!

We’re crazy about the latest design and marketing trends, and it’s a passion that we want to share with you. We can upgrade your e-commerce appearance and enable data integration in your current business processes.

We are interested in helping you extend the reach and affect that your brand has on current and prospective customers. After all, marketing efforts are where most client interactions start.

Adam Solomon

President / Co-Founder

We're focused on making sure that your online presence speaks volumes about YOUR BUSINESS, and makes a personal connection with YOUR CUSTOMER.

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Yumi Kang

Creative Director / Co-Founder

The function of your website is very important, but we also want to ensure that the visual appeal of your business will catch YOUR CUSTOMER'S ATTENTION.

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